Kate Kim

Waterfall Project


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe XD


Visual Design
UX/UI Design


This project was a group project consisting of a project manager, content manager, UX/UI designer, and programmer to prototype a hypothetical app using the waterfall model. Our team developed a food delivery app called “Feed Me”.

UX / UI Design

Feed Me

Feed Me - Waterfall Project

LOGO Design

First, I sketched out various ideas for expressing enjoyment that goes well with the “Feed Me.” Through feedback from the team member, I created a logo with a monster mouth open and the “Feed Me” filling the mouth.

Master Logo

Feed Me - Logo Design

Logo Variations

Feed Me - Logo Variations




I proceeded to create interactive prototypes that considered a high-fidelity user interface with visual quality. Initially, I created the Landing page using Adobe XD based on the paper prototypes arranged in the planning process. After confirming the overall design with the team member, I created the rest of the pages.

Feed Me - App main Screen
Feed Me - Navigation
Feed Me - List food
Feed Me - Order
Feed Me - Restaurant
Feed Me - Items
Feed Me - Checkout
Feed Me - Checkout