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Stationery Design


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The goal was to create a stationery design set that includes a business card, letterhead, and envelope. The main purpose of this project is to understand the application of core design principles. Also, it reinforces the communication of information and concept.

Visual Design

Ramen Cafe

Ramen Café: Stationery Design
Brainstorming Process

In brainstorming, ideas were constructed and subdivided with information obtained from research & discovery and visually sketched. At this stage, I focused on quantity rather than quality to generate as many ideas as possible for ramen restaurants.

Concept and Rough Development

In the concept development stage, the ideas generated in the previous stage were combined and selected, and the selected ideas were further developed. Six ideas were concise and sketched extensively on the elements. After that, I selected the ramen noodle image concept, one of the interesting concepts that inspired me, and sketched six rough thumbnails more specifically.

Ramen Café Concept Rough
Ramen Café Concept Rough
Ramen Café Concept Rough
Stationery Design Set Creation

Using Illustrator, I created a noodle vector image to use as a background image and a logo in yellow, which is the highlight colour. I created the layout of the envelope, letterhead, and business card in InDesign. To emphasize the calmness and luxury, the highlight colours were contrasted using a dark gray tone.

Mood Board
Ramen Café Mood board
Ramen Café Mood board

Ramen Café Letterhead
Ramen Café Letterhead
Ramen Café Envelope
Business Card
Ramen Café Business Card