Kate Kim

Program Cover Design


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop


This project was to create a program cover for the production called “Balance” at the Vancouver Skylight Theater. The theme of the play was social inequality and inequality. My task was to create a theme-fitting and eye-catching design for the front & back program covers.

Visual Design



I used mind map technology to brainstorm ideas. Eight keywords obtained through the theme and content of the play were selected and organized.

Program Cover Design - Mind Map

Concept Drafts

I sketched six variations of the rough idea as a design concept. After this rough step, it was decided to use stairs to represent the social class.

Program Cover Design - Concept

Program Cover Design

The stairs express hierarchy, and the play title ‘BALANCE’ expresses an image that seems to be collapsing, expressing that the balance is disintegrating.

Balance - Program Cover Design
Balance - Program Cover Design