Kate Kim

Composite Portrait Photography


Adobe Photoshop


The project was to plan, produce and execute composite portrait photography for using both a portrait image and a landscape image.

Visual Design

Floating Photography

Planning Concept

I chose an interesting concept that inspired me from three concise and broadly sketched ideas. In order to make the photo feel as if it came from a fairy tale book, I decided to create a composite photo that floats in the air using the function of masking part of the image.

Shoot background Locations & Model

After one concept was decided, I took pictures from a variety of angles in a park with many trees and a mountain to be used as a background for the composite photo. The model posed on a table to create a floating image.

tree photograph
background photograph
model photograph

Composite Portrait Photograph

In this step, the background and model photos were combined using Photoshop. The image of the model on a table was placed on top of the same image’s background, where the table was masked out. It seems like the model is floating through the air. Also, I changed the colour toning and contrast of the model so that she matched the location more closely. I used an array of adjustments layers to make the following changes:

  • Change the overall colour tone
  • Change the contrast and dynamic range
  • Desaturate
  • Selectively darken the highlights
Floating Photography - Composite Portrait Photography