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The purpose of this study is to analyze the current website, find ideal users, create prototypes, and conduct usability testing. As a result, I will find how to improve Pennyjuice sales by meeting user needs and increasing user confidence in products and the brand.

UX / UI Design


UX CASE STUDY pennyjuice.com

01. Analysis

Third-party tools such as WebsiteGrader and Nibbler rated the website with 72 out of 100 and 7.7 out of 10 respectively. Notable weaknesses were page requests and page speed. The HTTP requests of the website are 165, which is 5 times the recommended requests 30. The page speed was recorded at 15.5 seconds, nearly three times the recommended 5 seconds. In addition, it requires the use of descriptors or phrases to help with search engine optimization.

Third-party analysis

02. Empathy


In order to make a great website, it is important to understand the target audience correctly. I developed a character and added a background similar to a user who is a consumer of the Pennyjuice. As a target user, she provides real experiences by adding motivation, needs and pain points.

User Archetypes


For task analysis, it was divided into four levels, from first-time users to membership users, and prioritized the tasks each user type.
The task analysis could better understand the problems faced by users. It also helped identify areas for process improvement and predict what users could do to reach their goals.

Task Analysis


I created a customer journey map based on the ideal persona to visually understand the current and future states. Persona’s actions, touchpoints, thoughts, feelings, pain points and opportunities are usually detailed along each stage of the journey.

Journey Map

03. Ideation


So far, I gathered information to start paper prototypes. I drew paper prototypes of the main screen needed to complete the main user task to be tested. I focused on the main task of the mobile website, from the product page to the order.

Paper Prototypes


Mid-Fidelity Prototypes

05. Validation


I conducted in-vision testing on the mid-fidelity prototype on a mobile phone to see what needs to be improved.

In-Vision Testing
In-Vision Testing

05. Final Design


The goal of this design is to reach a harmonious environment in which users feel comfortable. The design consists of a clear and simple alignment form, standardized texts with measured sizes, so users can easily find what they want.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Check out the High Fidelity Prototypes.


06. Style Guide

After making the paper prototypes, I had to go through visual design.
To maintain the colourful image of Pennyjuice, I chose a pastel theme colour instead of the existing strong colour.

Style Guide


Style Guide
PennyJuice Logo
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