Kate Kim



Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator


The branding design project used Adobe Photoshop features to create a brand logo, business card, and product package for a new fictitious company called “Luminous.”

Visual Design


Luminous - Packaging Design


For the logo, I sketched icons with the theme of light associated with the company “Luminous”.

Smart Light - Logo Sketch

Logo Design

In this design stage, I selected the best ideas from sketching and turned them into digital artwork. I designed logos and vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator. Then I modified the design and developed various concepts. The business card and package were completed using Photoshop. The business card was contrasted with highlight blue and dark blue. For the package, the tagline, benefits, images, and font style were designed to visually grasp information at a glance.

Smart Light - Logo

Style Guide

Smart Light - Style


Luminous - Package Design
Luminous - Package Design

Business Card

Luminous - Business Card